Amir Gam | 3D Artist

Years of experience in 3D modelling and animation, video editing and VFX and frontal and online teaching. 

Life in CG

Bring your products and ideas to life with 3D visualizations and models

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Gumygam 3D Restaurant Render

Design: Alona Eliasi

Gumygam 3D Microphone Model

3D Visualizations • 360 VR Tours

See your Sketchup, Revit and CAD blueprints come to life with 3D photorealistic renders. Compare materials, lighting, exterior and interior design and fully experience your designs with 360 VR tours.



3D Models • 3D Blueprints • 3D

Video • 360 Degree Visualizations

Receive highly accurate and detailed 3D models for product design, manufacturing and marketing. Use prototypes for developing ideas, testing materials, demonstrating scale, calculating costs and more.

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Mishmar Hashiva, Israel

+972 (58) 753-4167


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